Combinational Game AI

by Mithrandir

One day, spending my time browsing the internet I have found this web site about genetic programming. In fact, the following quote got my attention:

Getting machines to produce human-like results is the very reason for the existence of the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, it has always been very difficult to assess how much progress these fields have made towards their ultimate goal. Alan Turing understood that in order to avoid human biases when assessing machine intelligence, machine behaviour must be evaluated objectively. This led him to propose an imitation game, now known as the Turing test (Turing, 1950). Unfortunately, the Turing test is not usable in practice, and so, there is a need for more workable objective tests of machine intelligence.

Taking into account that I feel, somehow, an attraction to the field of Artificial Intelligence, there is no doubt that I will try working towards achieving that goal. But in order to create a machine capable of producing human like results, I will not be using the Turing test (because it is also hard to do it).

I plan on devising an algorithm like minimax but one in which the program will determine the weights and the scores by himself, based only on the rules of the game. At least, that was my initial intention, but the lack of time made it fade. Nevertheless, my E85 project (the chess bot) brought this though back into matter. The following two weeks will be dedicated to such experiments, trying to obtain and devise that algorithm. At least, I will be happy if I can come up with an algoritm that is able to use any number of goals, for now, all of them being fed into the program by an human user. If this is going to work, then I will have only a few modifications to do and the Turing test can be passed.

More on this when I will come back.

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