Books about Functional Programming

by Mithrandir

The last semester at college taught me programming paradigms. Since then, I have always thinked twice before deciding to write a piece of code in C or Haskell.

C has a suite of developing tools, easily available. Haskell has another one but I still didn’t use it at the best of their capacity. Maybe, because there are still functional programming topics that I have almost no knowledge about. Probably because of this lack of knowledge I’ve decided to read the following two books, when I find them.

The first one is “Purely Functional Data Structures” by Okasaki. I’m not talking about his Ph.D. thesis but about the book. There is a big list of differences between those two and even if I have the thesis I cannot stop thinking that I need the book for the missing parts.

The other book is “The Fun of Programming”. Although I’ve read some of the chapters individually, I still need a hard copy of the book for quick reference. And I hate Google Books: whenever I reach an interesting topic, the next pages are not available.

Still searching for the books. Back to coding.

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