A non von Neumann Style of Programming

by Mithrandir

I’ve read an ACM Turing Award article these days. It belongs to John Backus and it is called «Can Programming be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?»

Though some perceive this paper as an apology for creating FORTRAN, a read of the article will show several aspects which transcends this opinion. We know that programming languages tend to grow more and more in complexity and constructs trying to become more powerful – I will not take the NKS road in this article. However, the growth rate of the complexity is far superior to that of power, something which is discouraging. Moreover, combining two programs to make a powerful one is not straightforward and easy as one would expect. In fact, this is because common language programs bear a close resemblance to a machine: they are similar constructs of a von Neumann architecture.

Starting from this idea and trying to be able to compose programs in a simple way, John Bakus presents a new kind of programming: the functional one. Don’t think of Haskell, Scheme, Lisp right now. He even proves that a version of Lisp is not useful. He then creates a simple (not so really) programming language which considers everything to be a function with no named parameters involved. Read the article for more information.

A new Programming Language (APL) was created after his language. For the most curious of you, here we have a Conway’s Game of Life implementation in one single line of code. Mind blowing language, isn’t it?

For more informations, one can read Conal’s article here. In fact, it was his blog which directed me to Bakus’ work. A single article upon which I stumbled when looking for Functional Reactive Programming articles.

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