New Distribution (part 1)

by Mithrandir

Since the day Ubuntu Lucid Lynx was released I planned to get a day when I’ll install Arch instead of the old Ubuntu I used. I did this a few days ago or, to say it better, tried to do this. The end result is that I have Lucid on my laptop for this week :)

However, this Ubuntu distribution has more bad things than the older one. At least for me. Even though I’ve installed Haskell Platform using this guide (only the link was changed), I’ve lost some of the links bookmarked in Firefox because they were mysteriously lost when the version of this browser was changed.

Moreover, Empathy was hanging at every connection, Gwibber minimization means hiding any trace of that application running (but it runs, I can see it because I still receive twitter updates). Flash plugin was easier to install than before but java was harder. The iced* thingie that they recommend consumes 100% of cpu but after I close the window with the java applet.

The sound control utility sees 14 microphones attached to my computer but only one is real (thus, only one of them works). Unfortunately, the mapping is not constant :(

Anyway, I’ve tested two other minimal distributions already and I’ll renounce of this Ubuntu thing soon. Tested Zenwalk but it had a few problems: the very minimal distribution is not up-to-date and configuring X in it is very hard (though manageable in a few hours as tested in a virtual machine), the other two installable versions needed a long list of packets and I don’t think that I need all of them. However, the above two reasons could be neglected as there are solutions to that problems. Yet, there was no GHC-related package for that distribution or I couldn’t find it before I moved to testing other distro.

The other distribution will be named in the second part of this article. The window manager that I will use will be named there too (it won’t be xmonad because I found something more attractive for me, a guy which hates remembering not-so-much-used-key-combinations)

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