HaCoTeB is dead

by Mithrandir

A while ago I started a project which promised to make posting code snippets on wordpress.com blogs easy as pie. However, things didn’t worked well in the end.

What happened was that I was dissatisfied with the first version and dreamed a new version which was a total remade of the project. However, I haven’t had the needed time to finish it before school homeworks began so it entered into a complete sleep, just like the blogs and the mmorpg that I was playing.

Now, when I see that I have a little more free time before I’ll have to really start my Graduation Thesis, I find myself thinking about what I wanted this project to be. I find it difficult to restart working on it right now while I am constantly flooded into a stream of ideas. Thus, I have two choices: either I’ll choose to stay and remember what I planned for that project and I’ll start working on it or I’ll start a new project from the most promising idea while trying to note the others somewhere where I know I could find them later (and in an understandable format, I’ve lost too many ideas because I didn’t remember what was I thinking when they poped up into my head).

I’ll chose the second option because it still leaves open the first alternative. Maybe, someday, I’ll restart work on this project or a new idea will make it obsolete (like that one thing which is bugging me for a few days, more on this later).

I’ll be back soon with a more optimistic post, when I’ll have time again to post.

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