A semester of coding

by Mithrandir

The last semester was a very busy one at my faculty. This is the main reason why I failed to update this blog. However, now that I have free time again, I’ll present some of the coding assignments that I’ve done during the last semester.

I had four homeworks at Compilers Design. All in Java. In the end, we obtained a compiler for Cool. However, I’ll not insist on this. It was fun on some parts, and bad on others. Maybe I’ll try to change something in the next year.

Then, I had 3 assignments at Artificial Intelligence. One was a simple game in Prolog and is not relevant to this post. The second one was to write a simple liniar planner for a general class of problems in Scheme. As the code on github shows, I ended up writing some Scheme functions to turn it into a more Haskel-ish language. It was a fun project where I have written many folds and maps.

Lastly, the third assignment was more liberal: we had to choose from a series of titles and languages. I decided to implement a multi-agent Minesweeper game in Haskell. The code is now public on github (though it’s yet to be completed on the GUI, it has a few bugs and has some design choices which I’ll want to rewrite). However, this was the most exciting project I’ve been working on this year (until now, I will have to do a Valgrind port in the next semester as part of the Graduation Assignment – don’t know if this is the exact name).

Recently, I’ve tried to implement the KamikazeRace game on Facebook for an Android device. The code is also on github but it was only tested locally (though some of my colleagues are testing it on real devices and bugs are filled in back to me).

Speaking of bugs, recently I’ve moved several of ROSEdu’s repositories from Trac instances to Redmine ones. When this move will be completed and the articles describing the ROSEdu’s projects will be available I’ll come back on this subject.

Right now, I have one more exam to take and I’m going to learn for it in a few moments. Or sleep :)

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