Well, I’m back

by Mithrandir

In the last HCAR I saw that there is a section called “Haskell in Romania” where Dan Popa from Bacău makes some statements. I read this section in other HCARs and other parts as well. What I want is that in the next HCAR or the following one, a new entry will be put there offering a much more complete overview of the situation in Romania.

And I intend to start several Haskell projects with involvement from students and teachers and people from IT industry. This is a plan I’m willing to put much energy into.

And I can do that. I left IXIA in order to pursue an academic career. Soon I’ll be going in France to do some research with an ERASMUS position. Then, I’ll concentrate on teaching and doing research.

Also, the Erlang introduction got to me. I’ll try to learn it by Christmas, maybe it can be used from time to time :)

In the end, a lesson I have learned: having many blogs is cumbersome, you cannot properly update all of them. I intend to merge all two of them into a single one. Taking into account the many problems I had with wordpress and source code (the reason I started HaCoTeB in the first place — a failed project with many lessons to be learned) I decided that it is time to use something new. I’m looking at Hakyll or Milagos (from veinor/amateurtopologist). Will decide soon on something, after getting a VPS and playing a little with it.

There are other plans as well but those exposed here are those I’m willing to dedicate as much time as possible. Time will tell what I have managed to do.

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