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Recently I discovered the joy of answering questions on Stack Overflow. I had a SO account for two years but I didn’t use it until a few weeks ago. This article started after receiving a little feedback on one of my answers.

As you see, I was trying to give a benchmark for those two cases. Yet, it was reported as being an ugly hack and not a try at comparing two solutions. I post this short article here not because I wanted a place to cry that I was criticized but because I desired some advice on what should a good benchmark contain and how to write a proper one.

Thanks :)

Mazes (1)

As mentioned previously, I had an assignment which involved constructing a maze from code and letting a robot escape from it. This series won’t follow the second part, it will concentrate on maze specific topics. I will write about maze generation, maze drawing, maze counting and several other aspects. Maybe I’ll touch several properties of the mazes, possibly I’ll write about something like the moments in statistics. Will see where this series will end and what areas will be covered by it.

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GTK Custom Drawing and Saving

In one of the previous mentioned homework, I had to draw an image of a neural network on a custom widget and later save said image to file. This post was inspired by this task.

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Machine Learning

This semester, I took an introductory course to Machine Learning. I learned about id3, version space learning, neural networks, GAs, etc. And I had to some homework using several of those techniques.

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Java Type Signatures

This year, I had to do several assignments in Java. Some of them didn’t require me to use a specific IDE but there was one arguing that we should use Eclipse because it helps us in development better than any other tool.

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Solving XKCD’s Nerd Sniping problem

A while ago, during a period of free time, I implemented a solution in Haskell for the XKCD’s raptor problem. Now, I’ll try to solve another problem presented there, the one found in the Nerd Sniping comic. Of course, the implementation will still be in Haskell.

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Parsing text in Haskell with Alex

Recently I remembered that I’ve started HaCoTeB as a project in which to test text lexing and parsing with Alex and Happy. Things didn’t work so well and HaCoTeB died without a single Alex specification file written.

However, during this little free time I had this week, I tried again to parse a simple text file with Alex.

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A semester of coding

The last semester was a very busy one at my faculty. This is the main reason why I failed to update this blog. However, now that I have free time again, I’ll present some of the coding assignments that I’ve done during the last semester.

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HaCoTeB is dead

A while ago I started a project which promised to make posting code snippets on blogs easy as pie. However, things didn’t worked well in the end.

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