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Well, I’m back

Nearly an year has passed since I last wrote on this blog with a specific plan in mind. There were several articles in the meantime but very few and written because of a moment’s hunch.

I’m back now, even if for a short period of time.

This article is divided into two parts (I’ll try to make them be under 500 words each):

Each of the two parts has a separate page.

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Machine Learning

This semester, I took an introductory course to Machine Learning. I learned about id3, version space learning, neural networks, GAs, etc. And I had to some homework using several of those techniques.

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A semester of coding

The last semester was a very busy one at my faculty. This is the main reason why I failed to update this blog. However, now that I have free time again, I’ll present some of the coding assignments that I’ve done during the last semester.

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Combinational Game AI

One day, spending my time browsing the internet I have found this web site about genetic programming. In fact, the following quote got my attention:

Getting machines to produce human-like results is the very reason for the existence of the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, it has always been very difficult to assess how much progress these fields have made towards their ultimate goal. Alan Turing understood that in order to avoid human biases when assessing machine intelligence, machine behaviour must be evaluated objectively. This led him to propose an imitation game, now known as the Turing test (Turing, 1950). Unfortunately, the Turing test is not usable in practice, and so, there is a need for more workable objective tests of machine intelligence.Read the rest of this entry »

Bits counting trick

During my chess AI project (named E85) my team run across the problem of counting the set bits from a long long constant. Of course, counting them in a loop was a solution but it was a slow solution and we wanted to see if there is something more rapid than this, preferably something without using ifs.

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