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GTK Custom Drawing and Saving

In one of the previous mentioned homework, I had to draw an image of a neural network on a custom widget and later save said image to file. This post was inspired by this task.

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Machine Learning

This semester, I took an introductory course to Machine Learning. I learned about id3, version space learning, neural networks, GAs, etc. And I had to some homework using several of those techniques.

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Writing a Compiler for Verilog – part 2

As previously stated, I am working on a Verilog Compiler in Python using PLY. The last article talked in a generic way about the project, from now on we will talk about specific parts of the compiler.

Today, we begain with the first part of any compiler: the lexing part.

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Writing a Compiler for Verilog – part 1

This year, I took a class named Numerical Computers II (I had Numerical Computers I last year). The course was about Computer Architecture and things like this. However, I ended up with a very fascinating homework: to write a compiler for Verilog in a team of 2 to 4 people. The deadline is coming soon (I have to finish it by Friday) but I need a break so I’ll post here my story.

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Suppose we have to make a quiz. The questions have different degrees of difficulty and come from several different chapters. We have the following problem:How can we ensure that we select the questions uniformly from both domains?

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